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Welcome to SociaLIVE: Ottawa Technology Showcase Review
Dec 24, 2013 Come join us at our new location and see the Hottest AV Solution Offerings and more. To contribute to this live feed, just Tweet #avwOttawa or email
Client Event Summary: GOLDSCHMIDT 2012- Montreal Feb 18, 2013 Below is a re-cap of a client event
SociaLIVE: Montreal Technology Showcase. Join AWW-TELAV at Palais des Congrès Feb 20th-22nd for the hottest AV solution offerings. Aug 23, 2013 To add your comments to this live feed, Tweet #avwtelavMontreal or emailing
Canada HBS – Salon hôte des planificateurs Apr 18, 2013 Welcome to SociaLIVE. A real-time platform to capture audience engagement. Please feel free to add your comments to this live feed by Tweeting #canadaHBS or emailing
Canadian Museum of Civilization- French Feb 6, 2013
Canadian Museum of Civilization- English Feb 6, 2013
VANCOUVER 2013 EMERGING TECHNOLOGY TRENDS SHOWCASE Feb 16, 2013 AVW-TELAV is exhibiting the hottest AV solution offerings. Includes recently-launched presentation technology already making waves among the professional event-planning circuit, as well as, those in the final stages of research and development. To contribute to this live feeds, simply send an email to or Tweet us @avwtelav_news
Winnipeg Test Apr 24, 2013 Welcome to this Demo for the Winnipeg Office. If you would like to contribute content to this live feed, you can send an email to, or sign-in below with your favourite social media network.
Démo SociaLive à MPI Convivium Dec 17, 2012 Nouvelle platerforme événementielle pour réseaux sociaux, présentée par AVW-TELAV
Enmax Oct 24, 2012
EV2012VE - Montreal Oct 26, 2012
HPX Digital 12' Jan 25, 2013 Halifax POP Explosion - Email in your comments and pictures to to engage
AVW-TELAV SociaLIVE Demo site
Dec 24, 2013 We encourage everyone to engage with SociaLIVE. To contribute just send an email to or Tweet using @avwtelav_news, and your comments and pictures will automatically appear in this live feed below. Note: This event is not moderated.
Halifax Technology Review- Engage with us Sep 10, 2012 AVW-TELAV welcomes you to participate in today's tech demo, send your pics and comments to and it will automatically appear below. Note: all comments are unmoderated!
GOLDSCHMIDT 2012- Montreal Feb 16, 2013 - 7:26 PM EDT Conference Live Event- To participate, just Tweet #goldschmidt2012 and your Tweets will appear in this live feed or send an email with your pics and comments to
Cocktail d’ambiance technologique Nov 14, 2018 Avec AVW-TELAV, savourer un cocktail sur la toiture-terrasse du Palais des Congrès de Montréal tout en observant les toutes dernières tendances en technologie sociale, numérique et de présentation, combinées avec les plus récents développements en scénographie.

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